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The Mountain Man Maren Smith

The Mountain Man

Maren Smith

Kindle Edition
119 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Tom only made the four-hour drive from his claim to Keno City once a year. And yet, he paused at the mercantile long enough to load up a fresh stock of supplies, before jumping back into his truck and racing winter all the way back home again. The good news was, he barely made it back to his cabin just as the storm of the century touched down, pretty much guaranteeing hed be snowbound for the next six months. The bad news was, there was a woman tucked into the back of his trailer, right between the coffee and the canned peaches. Tom was pretty sure she hadnt been on the shopping list. Blonde hair, blue eyes, too much spirit and not enough sense, Nora was everything a placer miner did NOT need complicating his life.Tom had six months before the snow melted, then hed take her back to town and find someone elses doorstep to dump her on...six months to take feisty Nora in hand...that is, if his hand didnt tire out first.