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Venoms Bond Nica Berry

Venoms Bond

Nica Berry

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Genre: LGBT Science Fiction/FantasySometimes cold-blooded can be downright hot...When eighteen-year-old Jared, a plague survivor, arrives in the mens compound aboard the Trafalgar, Marquez knows that the young man is trouble. Jared, like Marquez, loves men, the ultimate taboo on a ship full of women on their way to populate a new, safer planet. At first, Marquezs advances are only meant to comfort and enlighten Jared, but their encounters become their only means of dealing with the harsh treatment from the women.When theyre found out and punished, Marquez steals an escape pod and takes a sickly Jared on a desperate bid for freedom. But Marquez has never set foot on a planet, he has no dirtside skills, and Jared is dying. Rescue comes in the form of a lizard -- man-sized, intelligent, telepathic . . . and gorgeous.Desire blossoms between the unlikely pair, and when Jareds condition deteriorates, Gharial becomes the only chance Marquez has of surviving. Marquez desperately wants to be a part of the lizards telepathic society, but it comes with a cost Marquez doesnt know if hell have the courage to face: the only way for a human to become a telepath is to mate with a male lizard . . . and to risk death from the poisonous bite.Publishers Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Sexual torture in a medical setting, violence, dubious consent, M/M rape, M/M interspecial, M/F interspecial, voyeurism.