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Wine Killer William Edgerton

Wine Killer

William Edgerton

Published July 10th 2011
ISBN : 9780983493808
328 pages
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 About the Book 

Entrepreneur, wine lover, and forensic enthusiast Jake Halsey is living a charmed life in California until he suffers a personal tragedy. Grief-stricken, he sells his lucrative software business and moves back to his hometown of Greenwich, Connecticut. Although he chooses to lead a secluded life and spend time in his workshop, Halsey has the insight to determine how crimes are perpetrated and the talent to design and build devices to trap the perpetrators. The murder of an investment banker via a poisoned bottle of wine leads Jakes longtime friend, Greenwich Chief of Detectives Dave Riley, to call on Jake to lend his broad expertise to the investigation. This peculiar event quickly gathers horrific company as Jake and the police task force uncover a series of bizarre and sometimes grotesque wine-related crimes that suggest a strange pattern. Though the killer uses a different method for each, the crimes have two things in common: they all involve high-tech gadgetry, and they all are wine-related. Suspense builds as Jake tries to figure out motive, identify the next target, and stop the series of devilishly-clever crimes. The Greenwich detectives are closing in on their diabolically creative quarry when a horrible truth is revealed that rocks the foundations of Jake Halseys world. For Jake, the stakes in solving the Wine Murders become impossibly high. Is his entire past life a lie? If so, whose lie is it? Jake struggles for emotional detachment as the investigation accelerates, rushing toward a climatic confrontation with the killer. No knowledge of wine is necessary to understand Wine Killer, but such knowledge will add a layer of enjoyment.