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The Heart of the Sword: Shallin Awakes Franklyn Thomas Jr.

The Heart of the Sword: Shallin Awakes

Franklyn Thomas Jr.

Published November 28th 2005
ISBN : 9781420870770
152 pages
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 About the Book 

A young man wakes up from a nightmare, only to realize that he can no longer hide from his destiny. A destiny, which he has known for such a time, to finish what his father had started. Not knowing where to begin, or how to accomplish such a quest, he knew only that his father had Shallin at his side. In his heart he knew she was the key to victory. In this journey, he forms a team with which no other equals, and they begin to move across the land to even the score in the battle between good and evil. In their travels, they come to a village where the people are willing and eager to join in their fight. Along side a young man they stand, ready to take on the world and its evil forces. In their journeys they will meet mystical creatures, some of which will be there to try and help them, while others will be bent on destroying them at all costs. This story will take you to far away lands and you will see magnificent powers of which you have never imagined in your wildest dreams. The power of good and evil will take your breath away, and have you at the edge of your seat with the turn of each page. Most of all, Shallin will show you, if given the chance, what a mighty force faith can bring to all who empower it. He Is Sanch--Son Of Lackshin By Franklyn Thomas, Jr B.